Linux Kernel Developers' bpfconf 2023

bpfconf is an invitation-only technical workshop run by the Linux community in order to bring BPF core developers together, to discuss new ideas and to work out improvements to the BPF subsystem that will make their way into future mainline kernels and into the BPF compiler backends.

The conference is purposely kept small with focus on discussion rather than just presentation. Along with the LPC's BPF and Networking Track which is organized and run by the same community, the goal is to allow developers to meet face to face twice per year to exchange and discuss ongoing developments in the BPF ecosystem.

The 2023 bpfconf edition is a three-days conference which is part of the LSF/MM/BPF summit. It is therefore also open to all LSF/MM/BPF attendees.

Discussion Topics

The following discussion topics have been brought up at this year's bpfconf. In each slot below, there is a short discussion topic with a link to the corresponding slides in case slides have been used as a discussion starter.

Raw (and incomplete) notes for some of the sessions have been collected here.

Name Topic
Alexei Starovoitov What should be the anthem of BPF?
Jose E. Marchesi et al. Compiled BPF
David Marchevsky BPF Data Structures and the necessary verifier changes
David Marchevsky Verifier refactoring, specifically unifying kfunc + helper checking
David Vernet Scoping kfuncs to specific BPF struct_ops operations
David Vernet Allowing user space to map entries in local storage map types
Andrii Nakryiko Resurrection of /dev/bpf discussion for implementing trusted unpriv BPF
Jiri Olsa BTF function/address resolving
Anton Protopopov BPF Static Keys Support
Anton Protopopov Update on wildcard map including use cases and restrictions
Song Liu Update on the new module_alloc
Hou Tao Make bpf memory allocator more robust
Kornilios Kourtis A sketch data-structure for quantiles in eBPF
Daniel Mueller Batteries-included symbolization with blazesym
Daniel Borkmann Generic BPF multi-attach API & initial implementation for tcx and XDP
Daniel Borkmann meta netdevices for BPF
Stanislav Fomichev XDP metadata for TX
Zhu Yanjun XDP/BPF in RDMA(RXE)
Anton Protopopov Better hash functions for BPF maps
Aditi Ghag Namespace unaware BPF (sockets) iterator
Aditi Ghag BPF cgroup helper enhancements for Kubernetes like environments
Quentin Deslandes BPF and firewall: kernel support to ease more complex packets filtering
Hao Luo et al. Kernel lock performance analysis using BPF
Jiri Olsa Multi uprobe link
Martin Lau cgroup-bpf production surprises
John Fastabend Monitoring SRIOV with BPF
John Fastabend BPF Turing machine
David Vernet sched_ext
David Vernet Per-arg kfunc flags
John Fastabend Tetragon a k8s observability and security tool
Lorenz Bauer BPF signing using fsverity and LSM gatekeeper
Dave Thaler Applicability of BPF in a Confidential Computing context
Daniel Xu vmtest: reusable virtual machine testing infrastructure
Mykola Lysenko BPF CI tutorial
Manu Bretelle et al. BPF CI system discussion
Vinay Kulkami Extend bpf-helpers to better support Kubernetes
Hou Tao BPF iterator for file-system
Daniel Rosenberg FUSE BPF
Dave Thaler BPF documentation/standardization progress

Conference Info

Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, part of LSF/MM/BPF
Committee:Daniel Borkmann, Martin Lau
Date:May 8 - May 10, 2023
Attendees (by invitation only):
Alexei Starovoitov (BPF maintainer, Meta)
Daniel Borkmann (BPF maintainer, Isovalent)
Andrii Nakryiko (BPF maintainer, Meta)
Martin Lau (BPF maintainer, Meta)
Aditi Ghag (Isovalent)
Anita Zhang (Meta)
Anton Protopopov (Isovalent)
Brendan Gregg (Intel)
Chris Li (Google)
Daniel Mueller (Meta)
Daniel Xu (Aviatrix)
Dave Thaler (Microsoft)
David Faust (Oracle)
David Marchevsky (Meta)
David Vernet (Meta)
Hao Luo (Google)
Hou Tao (Huawei)
Indu Bhagat (Oracle)
Jesper Brouer (Red Hat)
Jiri Olsa (Isovalent)
Joe Stringer (Isovalent)
John Fastabend (Isovalent)
Jose E. Marchesi (Oracle)
Kornilios Kourtis (Isovalent)
KP Singh (Google)
Kui-Feng Lee (Meta)
Lorenz Bauer (Isovalent)
Manu Bretelle (Meta)
Mykola Lysenko (Meta)
Nikolay Aleksandrov (Isovalent)
Nikolay Yurin (Meta)
Quentin Deslandes (Meta)
Sargun Dhillon (Meta)
Song Liu (Meta)
Stanislav Fomichev (Google)
Timo Beckers (Isovalent)
Toke Høiland-Jørgensen (Red Hat)
Vinay Kulkarni (Huawei)
Yonghong Song (Meta)
Zhu Yanjun (Intel)
... as well as other attendees from LSF/MM

Group Photo, Attendees

Left to right, back: John Fastabend, Dave Thaler, Daniel Borkmann, Mykola Lysenko, Daniel Rosenberg, David Marchevsky, Yonghong Song, Daniel Xu, Kornilios Kourtis, David Vernet

Left to right, middle: Jiri Olsa, Andrii Nakryiko, Joe Stringer, Anton Protopopov, Martin Lau, Alexei Starovoitov, Aditi Ghag, Paul Lawrence, Hao Luo, Kui-Feng Lee, Quentin Deslandes, Anita Zhang

Left to right, front: Song Liu, Stanislav Fomichev, Steven Rostedt, Manu Bretelle, Daniel Mueller, Sargun Dhillon, Vinay Kulkarni

(Photo by Linux Foundation)

(Photo by Daniel Borkmann)

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