Linux Kernel Developers' bpfconf 2022

bpfconf is an invitation-only technical workshop run by the Linux community in order to bring BPF core developers together, to discuss new ideas and to work out improvements to the BPF subsystem that will make their way into future mainline kernels and into the LLVM BPF backend.

The conference is purposely kept small with focus on discussion rather than just presentation. Along with the LPC's BPF and Networking Track which is organized and run by the same community, the goal is to allow developers to meet face to face twice per year to exchange and discuss ongoing developments in the BPF ecosystem.

The 2022 bpfconf edition is a three-days conference which is part of the LSF/MM/BPF summit. It is therefore also open to all LSF/MM/BPF attendees.

Discussion Topics

The following discussion topics have been brought up at this year's bpfconf. In each slot below, there is a short discussion topic with a link to the corresponding slides in case slides have been used as a discussion starter.

Raw notes for some of the sessions have been collected here.

Name Topic
Hao Luo Extend cgroupfs and procfs with custom stats collection via BPF
Joanne Koong BPF Dynamic Pointers
Song Liu BPF Container Debugging
Dave Thaler Evolving libbpf and bpftool to be cross-platform
John Fastabend BPF sockmap updates and new features
KP Singh BPF for "standard interface" flexibility
Brendan Gregg BPF observability tools update
Roberto Sassu DIGLIM eBPF: Secure boot at application level with minimal changes to distros
Jason Baker BPF program signing and extended BPF policies
KP Singh BPF for security domain
Yonghong Song Making write BPF programs more pleasant
Mykola Lysenko BPF CI current state and next steps
John Fastabend Clang and BPF: What is a regression?
Brendan Gregg et al. BPF BSC guidelines for newcomers (latest)
Yonghong Song Comprehensive BPF kfunc support
Steven Rostedt Kernel Live Patching and BPF
Daniel Borkmann tc BPF rework and uveth for native host performance for K8s Pods
Andrii Nakryiko Better algorithms and data structures for BPF
Amir Goldstein overlayfs across cgroupfs and bpffs
Hannes Reinecke BPF for block devices
Daniel Borkmann BPF socket hooks for connected UDP/TCP
Christoph Hellwig BPF documentation and standardization
KP Singh et al. BPF BSC roadmap document review (latest)

Conference Info

Location:Palm Springs, California, US, part of LSF/MM/BPF
Commitee:Alexei Starovoitov, Daniel Borkmann
Date:May 2 - May 4, 2022
Attendees (by invitation only):
Alexei Starovoitov (BPF maintainer, Meta)
Daniel Borkmann (BPF maintainer, Isovalent)
Andrii Nakryiko (BPF maintainer, Meta)
Brendan Gregg (Intel)
Dave Thaler (Microsoft)
David Marchevsky (Meta)
David Vernet (Meta)
Hao Luo (Google)
Jason Baker (Google)
Jiang Wang (Bytedance)
Jiri Olsa (Isovalent)
Joanne Koong (Meta)
Joe Stringer (Isovalent)
John Fastabend (Isovalent)
KP Singh (Google)
Kui-Feng Lee (Meta)
Martin Lau (Meta)
Mykola Lysenko (Meta)
Roberto Sassu (Huawei)
Song Liu (Meta)
Yonghong Song (Meta)
... as well as other attendees from LSF/MM

Group Photo, Attendees

Left to right, back: Yonghong Song, David Vernet, Joe Stringer, Dave Thaler, Paul McKenney, Kui-Feng Lee, Mykola Lysenko, Brendan Gregg, John Fastabend, Alexei Starovoitov, Dave Marchevsky, Roberto Sassu, Jason Baker, Joanne Koong, Jiri Olsa, Song Liu

Left to right, front: Hao Luo, Martin Lau, KP Singh, Daniel Borkmann, Andrii Nakryiko, Jiang Wang

(Photo by Daniel Borkmann)

(Photo by Brendan Gregg)

Group Photo, eBPF technical steering committee

Left to right: Daniel Borkmann, Brendan Gregg, Alexei Starovoitov, Dave Thaler, Andrii Nakryiko, KP Singh, Joe Stringer, Lorenz Bauer (missing)

(Photo by Daniel Borkmann)

Past Events

  • bpfconf 2020/2021 (cancelled due to COVID restrictions)
  • bpfconf 2019