Linux Kernel Developers' bpfconf 2024

bpfconf is an invitation-only technical workshop run by the Linux community in order to bring BPF core developers together, to discuss new ideas and to work out improvements to the BPF subsystem that will make their way into future mainline kernels and into the BPF compiler backends.

The conference is purposely kept small with focus on discussion rather than just presentation. Along with the LPC's BPF Track which is organized and run by the same community, the goal is to allow developers to meet face to face twice per year to exchange and discuss ongoing developments in the BPF ecosystem.

The 2024 bpfconf edition is a three-days conference which is part of the LSF/MM/BPF summit. It is therefore also open to all LSF/MM/BPF attendees.

Discussion Topics

The following discussion topics have been brought up at this year's bpfconf. In each slot below, there is a short discussion topic with a link to the corresponding slides in case slides have been used as a discussion starter.

LWN coverage of the BPF track from Daroc Alden can be found here. Raw (and incomplete) notes for some of the sessions have been collected by participants here.

Name Topic
David Vernet Polymorphic kfuncs
Vineeth Pillai KVM vCPU Priority boosting via BPF
David Vernet More features and use-cases for sched_ext
Kui-Feng Lee BPF struct_ops & sched_ext
Alan Jowett LLVM improvements for better verification
Jose E. Marchesi and David Faust Compiled BPF
Dave Thaler Cross-platform BPF compiler issues
Paul E. McKenney Instruction-level BPF memory model
Alan Jowett BPF performance: comparison of eBPF for Windows vs Linux BPF
Alexei Starovoitov Modernize BPF for the next 10 years
KP Singh Next Steps for BPF LSM
John Fastabend Tetragon auditing/enforcement
Maxwell Bland BPF-NX+CFI
Neill Kapron Implementing BPF_PROG_LOAD_FD
Yonghong Song Segmented Stacks for BPF Programs
Shung-Hsi Yu Value tracking in BPF verifier
Anton Protopopov Static keys and jump labels
Manu Bretelle BPF CI in particular and kernel testing in general
Manu Bretelle BPF local testing
Alan Jowett BPF conformance - handling undefined opcodes
Jiri Olsa Multi-kprobe Updates
Jiri Olsa Fast uprobes
Andrii Nakryiko Evolution of stack trace captures with BPF
Namhyung Kim perf tools issues with BPF
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo perf data type profiling and pahole update
Aditi Ghag Rethinking BPF conntrack
Amery Hung BPF Qdisc
David Wei BPF Thrift Coalescing
Daniel Borkmann Revamping global socket iterator, netkit & next steps
Dave Thaler BPF IETF standardization update & roadmap
Joe Stringer et al. eBPF Foundation: ongoing work & "What can the foundation do for you?"

Conference Info

Location:Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, part of LSF/MM/BPF
Committee:Daniel Borkmann, Martin Lau
Date:May 13 - May 15, 2024
Attendees (by invitation only):
Alexei Starovoitov (BPF maintainer, Meta)
Daniel Borkmann (BPF maintainer, Isovalent)
Andrii Nakryiko (BPF maintainer, Meta)
Martin Lau (BPF maintainer, Meta)
Aditi Ghag (Isovalent)
Alan Jowett (Microsoft)
Amery Hung (ByteDance)
Anton Protopopov (Isovalent)
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (Red Hat)
Brendan Gregg (Intel)
Daniel Mueller (Meta)
Dan Kelley (Meta)
Dave Thaler (Freelance)
David Faust (Oracle)
David Vernet (Meta)
David Wei (Meta)
Eduard Zingerman (Meta)
Jiri Olsa (Isovalent)
Joe Stringer (Isovalent)
Jordan Rome (Meta)
John Fastabend (Isovalent)
Jose E. Marchesi (Oracle)
KP Singh (Google)
Kui-Feng Lee (Meta)
Kumar Kartikeya Dwivedi (EPFL)
Manu Bretelle (Meta)
Maxwell Bland (Motorola)
Mykola Lysenko (Meta)
Namhyung Kim (Google)
Neill Kapron (Google)
Nikolay Yurin (Meta)
Paul E. McKenney (Meta)
Shung-Hsi Yu (SUSE)
Song Liu (Meta)
Stanislav Fomichev (Google)
Vadim Fedorenko (Meta)
Vineeth Pillai (Google)
Yonghong Song (Meta)
... as well as other attendees from LSF/MM tracks

Photos Attendees

(Photos by Daniel Borkmann)

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