Linux Kernel Developers' Netconf 2018

The first rule of Netconf is: You do not talk about Netconf.
The second rule of Netconf is: You do not talk about Netconf.


Netconf is a Linux community conference, by-invitation-only, running since 2004. The agenda has a clear focus on kernel level networking. Attendees are the main maintainers and developers of the Linux networking subsystem.

Due to the distributed nature of the Network subsystem development, contributors to the stack are located in different corners of the globe and coordinate security and bug fixes as well as maintanance and new features via email.

Netconf is intended to be a face to face working meetup to compliment those email exchanges. Problematic unresolved issues are hashed out and bold new ideas are discussed.

  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Date: May 31 - June 1, 2018
  • Sponsor(s) :

  • Committee:
    David S. Miller (, netdev maintainer)
    Soyoung Park (

  • Topics/Invitees :

    Name Topic
    David Miller Indirection
    Dave Watson ulp's, tls & crypto
    Jiri Pirko ethtool & devlink - feature migration?, tc changes
    Eric Dumazet TCP works
    Simon Horman TC Flower
    Alexei Starovoitov FD-based APIs for cgroup and networking, common driver core, firmware no more, klibc/uclibc/dietlibc
    Daniel Borkmann Cilium & BPF, bpfilter, BPF maintenance
    Cong Wang net sched updates
    Florian Fainelli PHY testing, PHYLINK, DSA, lightweight devices, tc/ethtool/nftables and TCAM
    Brendan Gregg Netflix & BPF, future work for BPF tracing
    Jakub Kicinski BPF progress and plans
    Stephen Hemminger Learning from DPDK
    Paolo Abeni spectre perf analysis, related perf improvements
    Edward Cree RX batching; megaflow merging; some other bits
    Xin Long SCTP offload; UDP tunnels ICMP process