Linux Kernel Developers'
Netconf 2009

Netconf is the annual summit of the Linux network developers. This two day conference is invitation-only for the the main maintainers and developers of the Linux networking subsystem. It provides a rare opportunity for developers to meet face-to-face and discuss issues usually only discussed over email.

This year Netconf is back for the fourth time after a brief hiatus. The event will be held in conjunction with Linux wireless developers summit, on the weekend before LinuxCon and Linux Plumbers Conference.


Edgefield Manor, Troutdale Oregon USA
Barley Room
September 18 (Fri) - September 20 (Sun)
Vyatta, Canonical
Attendees: (by invitation only)
  • Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
  • Bob Gilligan
  • David S. Miller
  • Denis V. Lunev
  • Gerrit Renker
  • Herbert Xu
  • Jeff Kirsher
  • Jesper Dangaard Brouer
  • Jesse Brandeburg
  • Paul McKenney
  • Pavel Emelyanov
  • Peter P. Waskiewicz Jr.
  • Stephen Hemminger
  • Thomas Graf
  • Wei Yongujun
  • Stephen Hemminger
  • John Linville, Reinette Chatre (wireless developers)


Friday Sept 18, 2009
Time Activity
4:00PM Social activity (golf, etc)
7:00PM Joint Reception with wireless developers
Saturday, Sept 19, 2009
Time Speaker Topics Materials
8:00AM N/A Coffee and Tea N/A
9:00AM N/A Introduction, agenda planning N/A
9:15AM Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo recvmmsg() slides
9:30AM Herbert Xu TX interrupt mitigation N/A
10:30AM Stephen Hemminger Bridging slides
10:45AM Jesper Dangaard Brouer 10gbit Bi-Directional Routing slides (PDF) slides (ODP)
12:00PM N/A Lunch N/A
12:45PM Thomas Graff CGroups and libnl 2.0 cgroup slides libnl slides whitepaper
1:15PM Gerrit Renker DCCP Protocol slides
1:30PM all DCB roudtable discussion N/A
1:45PM David S. Miller Multiqueue Networking slides
2:30PM N/A Snack Break N/A
3:10PM Herbert Xu Bridge Multicasting N/A
3:20PM Herbert Xu Generic Receive Offload N/A
3:40PM Peter P. Waskiewicz Jr. IOMMU pooling N/A
Sunday, Sept 20, 2009
Time Speaker Topics Materials
8:00AM N/A Coffee and Tea N/A
11:00AM Bob Gilligan IPV4 Forwarding Performance slides
11:30AM Jesse Brandeburg & Peter P. Waskiewicz Jr. Driver Memory NUMA Issues slides data
12:00PM N/A Lunch N/A
1:30PM David S. Miller Netdev 2009 Features and Optimizations N/A
2:00PM Paul E McKenney RCU slides
2:30PM N/A Snack Break N/A

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