Linux Kernel Developers'
Netconf 2005

Netconf is a yearly, by-invitation-only, Linux community conference running for the second year. The agenda has a clear focus on kernel level networking. Attendees are the main maintainers and developers of the Linux networking subsystem. Invitation is issued only 10-15 people who have provided significant contributions.

Due to the distributed nature of the Network subsystem development, contributors to the stack are located in different corners of the globe and coordinate security and bug fixes as well maintanance and new features via email.

Netconf is intended to be a face to face working meet to compliment those email exchanges. Problematic unresolved issues are trashed and bold new ideas are discussed.

  • Location : Ericson, Montreal, CA
  • Date : July 14-15,2005
  • Sponsors : Wind River, Ericsson
  • Committee:
    David S. Miller (, netdev maintainer)
    Soyoung Park (
  • Attendees (by invitation only)
         David S. Miller (
    James Morris (
    Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (
    Rusty Russell (
    Jamal Hadi Salim (
    Stephen Hemminger (
    Harald Welte (
    Yoshfuji Hideaki (
    Herbert Xu (
    Patrick McHardy (
    Thomas Graf (
    Robert Olsson (
    Soyoung Park (
  • (Tentative) Topics/Agenda/Schedule :
    Thursday, July 14, 2005
    Time Speaker Topics
    10:00-10:45am Jamal Hadi Salim The xfrm interface (kernel-userspace): my dislikes, experiences and suggestions for changes slides in pdf
    10:45-11:30am Thomas Graf New Network Configuration Architecture/Packet Classification and Scheduling slides in sxi
    11:30-12:15am David S. Miller TCP TSO implementation state,
    The Linux networking de-bloat project
    12:15-1:00pm   LUNCH
    1:00-1:45pm Herber Xu async crypto developments, its impact on IPsec, and various other networking-related topics slides in sxi
    1:45-2:30pm Stephen Hemminger TOE(who's done it?, how?, what was the impact?), RDMA(OpenRDMA seems to be trying to b another InfiniBand), Embedded(the embedded guys complain networking code is too big, what are their issues?) slides in sxi
    2:30-2:45pm   BREAK
    2:45-3:30pm Robert Olsson Experiments & Experiences with FIB lookup and route cache slides in pdf
    3:30-4:15pm Jon Malloy TIPC slides in sxi
    4:15-5:00pm Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo Refactorings to make new transport protocols easier to implement, use of these refactorings on DCCP and current state of DCCP on Linux slides in ps
    5:00-6:00pm   Open Forum/Discussions
    Friday, July 15, 2005
    Time Speaker Topics
    10:00-10:45am Yoshifuji Hideaki development status update about Mobile IP, Racoon2 and IPsec (and even more) slides in pdf
    10:45-11:30am Rusty Russell TBD
    11:30-12:15am James Morris Directions in SELinux Networking (slides in pdf)
    12:15-1:00pm   LUNCH
    1:00-1:45pm Ericsson Invited presentation TBD
    1:45-2:30pm Harald Welte a general update of what's happening in the netfilter/iptables world
    2:30-2:45pm   BREAK
    2:45-3:30pm Patrick McHardy the netfilter+ipsec issues
    3:30-4:15pm TBD TBD
    4:15-5:00pm David S. Miller State of the Netdev Union
    This is a tentative/proposed slot
    4:15-5:00pm   Closing/Agenda for next NetConf.

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