Linux Kernel Developers'
Netconf 2011

Netconf is a yearly, by-invitation-only, Linux community conference running for the sixth year. The agenda has a clear focus on kernel level networking. Attendees are the main maintainers and developers of the Linux networking subsystem. Invitation is issued only 10-15 people who have provided significant contributions.

Due to the distributed nature of the Network subsystem development, contributors to the stack are located in different corners of the globe and coordinate security and bug fixes as well as maintenance and new features via email.

Netconf is intended to be a face to face working meetup to compliment those email exchanges. Problematic unresolved issues are hashed out and bold new ideas are discussed.

  • Location : Toronto, Ontario, CA
  • Dates : June 14-15, 2011
  • Sponsors :

  • Committee:
    David S. Miller (, netdev maintainer)
    Soyoung Park (
  • Attendees (by invitation only)
    David S. Miller (
    Jamal Hadi Salim (
    Stephen Hemminger (
    Herbert Xu (
    Thomas Graf (
    Jiri Pirko (
    Soyoung Park (
    Eric Dumazet (
    Ben Hutchings (
    Jeffrey T. Kirsher (
    Jesse Brandeburg (
    PJ Waskiewicz (
    Tom Herbert (
    Prasad Boddupalli (
  • Meeting notes(from Ben Hutchings)
  • (Tentative) Topics/Agenda/Schedule :
    Tuesday, June 14, 2011
    Time Speaker Topics
    8:30am   BREAKFAST
    10:00am David S. Miller / Jamal Hadi Salim Welcome/Introduction
    10:15am Stephen Hemminger Bridging/STP (slides)
    11:00am   Morning Break
    11:15am Jesse Brandeburg Reducing Stack Latency (slides)
    11:45am Jiri Pirko LNST (slides) and "team" (slides) (a bonding alternative)
    12:30pm   LUNCH
    1:30pm Herbert Xu Scalability, hardware LRO (slides)
    2:15pm Stephen Hemminger IRQ name/balancing (slides), openvswitch, virtio multiq/perf (slides)
    3:00pm   Afternoon Break
    3:15pm Thomas Graf Config/monitoring from userspace, world ipv6 day (slides)
    4:00pm Tom Herbert 5usec RTT over TCP (slides)
    4:45pm David S. Miller Routing cache removal (slides)
    5:30pm   Open Forum/Discussions
    Wednesday, June 15, 2011
    Time Speaker Topics
    8:30am   BREAKFAST
    10:00am Ben Hutchings Queue/IRQ affinity, massive multiq (slides)
    11:00am   Morning Break
    11:00am PJ Waskiewicz iWarp portspace, standard netdev module parms, advanced stats (slides, slides, slides )
    11:45am Eric Dumazet JIT, UDP, Packet Schedulers (slides)
    12:30pm   LUNCH
    1:30pm Jeffrey T. Kirsher drivers/net rearrangement (slides)
    2:15pm Jamal Hadi Salim Catching up with Herbert (slides, animations)
    3:00pm   Afternoon Break
    3:15pm Open Discussion TBD
    4:00pm David S. Miller / Jamal Hadi Salim Closing statements, future netconf planning