Hacking and Other Thoughts

Thu, 29 Sep 2005

Icer Air 2005, San Francisco

They built a ski jump in my neighbourhood, so of course I had to go check it out. :-) Primarily sponsored by Icer, a ski wax company in the Lake Tahoe area, and hosted by Johnny Mosley, this event was supposed to happen several weeks ago but it got tied up in politics and permits.

I arrived just before noon and was able to get a pretty sweet spot in which to take photos. The crowds were quite large, and this was on a thursday afternoon. Originally this was supposed to happen on a saturday. I can imagine what that would have been like. There were so many photographers around me, that I felt like I was at a camera geek's convention. Lot's of "how do you like that lense?", "what do you think about this focal length?", etc.

Mayor Gavin Newsome even made a guest appearance right before the main competition.

All in all this was an extremely cool event and I hope they have it again next year. Yes, traffic was a little out of whack in that stretch of Filmore St., but nothing major. There were certainly a lot of local workers and students very happy to be playing hookey :-)

As usual, lots of pictures are up in the gallery. Some of them are absolutely amazing shots of the skiiers and snowboards soaring above the marina district and San Francisco Bay.

I even made it into one of the article photos posted on the San Francisco Chronicle's website. :-) Currently that photo is here. Look for the guy in the blue hospital garb, I'm just in front of him and to his right. Look for the glasses and the green hat.

Of course, not everyone was stoked about this event. One women was quoted in the Chronicle as saying, "This is a bunch of narcissistic yuppies putting on an unnecessary stunt." So, let me get this straight, an event that thousands of people can attend and enjoy, which gets publicity out for San Francisco, a city which can't even pay movie companies to come and film here anymore, vs. some local residents who get inconvenienced for 2 days. Now who's being narcissistic? :-)

And I managed to get a lot of work done too. I had to revert a TCP "fix" which Alexey showed me was wrong wrt. initial congestion window estimation used in sizing the advertized receive window. We also fixed a TCP bug that occurs if you stream out full sized packets then start trickling out small frames. We'd tighten down the window clamp so far that nearly no forward progress could be made. Finally, many more significant simplications in the sparc64 bootup sequence. It's almost starting to look like code I'm proud to say I wrote :-)

Woooo, what a day!