Linux Plumbers Conference 2019
BPF Microconference




A BPF Microconference will be featured at this year's Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) in Lisbon, Portugal.

The goal of the BPF Microconference is to bring BPF developers together to discuss and hash out unresolved issues and to move new ideas forward. The focus of this year's event is on the core BPF infrastructure as well as its many subsystems and related user space tooling.

The BPF Microconference will be open to all LPC attendees. There is no additional registration required. This is also a great occasion for BPF users and developers to meet face to face and to exchange and discuss developments.

Microconference Format

Similar to last year's BPF Microconference the main focus will be on discussion rather than pure presentation style.

Therefore, each accepted topic will provide introductory slides with subsequent discussion as the main part for the rest of the allocated time slot. The expected time for one discussion slot is approximately 20 min.

The whole BPF microconference is a 4 hours 40 min long session.

Conference notes will be taken during the session on an Etherpad, and along with each introduction slides published here later on.

Ideas on Discussion Topics

Below are some (non-exhaustive) ideas of content that we think would be a good fit for this year's BPF Microconference edition:

  • libbpf, loader unification
  • Standardized BPF ELF format
  • Multi-object semantics and linker-style logic for BPF loaders
  • Improving verifier scalability to 1 million instructions
  • Sleep-able bpf programs
  • State on BPF loop support
  • Proper String support in BPF
  • Indirect calls in BPF
  • BPF timers
  • BPF type format (BTF)
  • Unprivileged BPF
  • BTF of vmlinux
  • BTF annotated raw_tracepoints
  • BPF (k)litmus support
  • bpftool
  • LLVM BPF backend
  • JITs and BPF offloading

Key dates

  • Proposal submissions are due by August 2nd, 2019.
  • Authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection by August 9th, 2019.
  • Final slides (as PDF) are due by September 9th, 2019.

BPF Microconference Organizers

This LPC microconference is organized and lead by both BPF kernel maintainers:

  • Alexei Starovoitov (Facebook)
  • Daniel Borkmann (Cilium)

Call for Proposals

We are seeking discussion proposals for the BPF Microconference at Linux Plumbers Conference in Lisbon, September 9-11th, 2019.

Submitted proposals should be on new and upcoming work with potential suggestions for solutions to open problems. The discussion proposal submission sent (as plain text, not as html) to the BPF Microconference Organizers should contain

  • Title,
  • A list of submitter names, and
  • description of up to 350 words
for review. The Microconference Organizers will review all submissions carefully and will provide feedback in time.

Please note that speaking at the microconference does not automatically get you access to the LPC conference.

Each microconference has access to a limited number of free and early-bird discounted passes for LPC, which are preferably provided to those who otherwise could not attend the conference. If your situation requires such a pass, please indicate this in your proposal submission.

Please contact the BPF Microconference Organizers with any questions.

Previous BPF Microconferences

List of previous BPF Microconferences co-located with Linux Plumbers Conference:

  • 2018: BPF Microconference in Vancouver, Canada
  • 2017: BPF and Tracing Microconference in Los Angeles, USA